Greers Ferry Lake

IMG_0519Another good trip had 18 by noon. One thing that is extremely nice this time of year is the pattern. Fish are all over the place and you can pattern them. We had a cold front and the with the Temps in the mid 40’s it was a cold start but it warmed up quickly. Winds picked up mid morning with big gust. With the next week showing warmer nights the top water will only get better. Soft platics in the bushes and spinner baits or flukes on windy banks.

Greers Ferry Lake

Another good trip on the lake had a father and son that went out yesterday. We had a very successfull trip only with one negative no pictures (that’s a story for another day). With all the recent rainfall the water has risen ¬†up and the buck brush is back in the water. The fish are up shallow and with sunny days will be right in the middle of the brush holding tight to the cover.

Bull Shoals Lake week of April 11-16th


Bull Shoals Lake

April is one of the great months to be on the water. I spent a week fishing Bull Shoals last week and it was incredible if you have not fished that lake you need to. It has everything you could ask for and the fishing is fantastic. The fish are in full swing for the spawn with beds everywhere. Target them and throw soft plastics, or fish in the brush with wacky rigs or flukes. When you get to the back of a pocket pick up a top water bait and hang on. The fish are also on bluff walls throw crankbaits or spinnerbaits.

Greers Ferry Lake fishing report

It’s time to get on the water, bass are shallow throw spinner baits, worms, and crankbaits. The water is still dirty on the upper end of the lake but fish moved up and spawning. Water temp is 59-64. The lower end is clear. Smallmouth are in the full swing.

Lake Dardanelle

Lake Dardanelle fishing trip. With high winds it was still a great day, I do wish we would have had that monster mustache (L J) in the boat to block the wind from the little kids.  Caught multiple species the catfish were on fire. With the water temps warming the next 2 weeks will be great with the fish pushing to the shallows to spawn. Basically get on the water and throw anything the bait selection is very wide. 20160306_141607