Lake Dardanelle

Lake Dardanelle fishing trip. With high winds it was still a great day, I do wish we would have had that monster mustache (L J) in the boat to block the wind from the little kids.  Caught multiple species the catfish were on fire. With the water temps warming the next 2 weeks will be great with the fish pushing to the shallows to spawn. Basically get on the water and throw anything the bait selection is very wide. 20160306_141607

Greers Ferry

March 3rd 2016
March 3rd 2016 Greers Ferry quick trip before work. Fishing report it’s time to get on the water the fish are bitting. Won’t be long and the spawn will be here. Look at that caterpillar, with the cool ride this morning across the lake he was able to keep his hands warm tucked underneath that beautiful mustache.