Greers Ferry Lake

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Greers Ferry Lake is a favorite water playground nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks in north central Arkansas. This lake is full of every species of fish you can imagine, the diversity of this Lake is truly amazing with gin clear water for fantastic Smallmouth fishing to an abundance of bluff walls holding Spotted bass (Kentucky) and of course Largemouth bass that roam the entire lake that will appear in a 100 foot of water Schooling waiting to explode on your top water baits. Greers Ferry Lake is home to the World Record Hybrid striped bass Jerald Shaum caught that weighed 27 lbs 5 oz. 

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The lake is overran with hybrid and white bass that are constantly pushing the shad to the top boiling all over the lake. This 40,000-acre masterpiece pleases water enthusiasts of all types. The lake is surrounded by an abundance of rock outcropping, trees, and wildlife making it a leading tourist destination. The reservoir consists of two lakes connected by a water-filled gorge called the Narrows. The area of the two lakes and the Narrows totals about 40,500 acres with a combined shoreline of just over 340 miles. More impressive is the amount of watershed in miles: 1146 sq miles that's 733,000 acres. In the 1800s there was once a city, Higden, under this lake. The farmers in Higden had constant trouble with flooding. The land was purchased, residents left and the city was abandoned, the cemeteries were moved, and the area was allowed to flood. The town has since been re-established on a nearby hill. Many nearby residents and several eyewitness accounts tell that homes and buildings still stand under the water to this day, a watery ghost town. Several roads in town can be followed to the shore where they disappear under the water, and surface on the opposite side of the lake. Most of these roads are now used as launch ramps for boats. FRAME PICTURES 398

Walleye fishing 

    Greers is know for a lot but what most don't realize is that it is home to the world record 22 lbs 11 oz in the 12 lb line class range. Most walleye anglers fish Greers Ferry and its tributaries from mid-February through early April during the spawning season. When the water temperature approaches 50 degrees, walleyes ascend the upper forks of the Little Red River: the South Fork, Devil’s Fork, Middle Fork. Males arrive at spawning sites first, and later are joined by females. At this time, both sexes occupy long, deep pools below swift riffles. Ripe adults move into shallow gravel-bottomed shoals to spawn at night.