Lake Dardanelle

The lake, which is extremely popular with anglers, boasts populations of big catfish. White bass are native to the river, with adults traveling in schools and feeding near the surface. Bream fishing is excellent in the lake, which has also been stocked with crappie and largemouth bass. With no closed season and mild winters, fishing is good year round. The lake has one of the most consistent bass habitats in the Arkansas River system. Experts will tell you that Lake Dardanelle at Russellville toward the upper end of the river is the place to go for big largemouth.

Lake Dardanelle is also perhaps the best Arkansas River striper pool. Twenty-pound-plus stripers are always possible, and 2- to 6-pound bass are common. Look for stripers in the lower reaches of Dardanelle around the main river channel and the mouths of major creeks and streams. While the Arkansas River impoundments produce numerous striped bass, some anglers aren’t aware that hybrids are available in some pools as well. Hybrids up to 10 pounds have been caught below Ozark Dam, primarily in the fall and again in the spring spawning run. Hybrids are also present in the pool below Dardanelle.

If you are after that big fish this is the lake to do it at with the unlimited amount of water and backwater areas that Lake Dardanelle provides you can catch your biggest fish ever. Lake Dardanelle tournaments require 20lb+ sacks to win.