About Us

I 4 PICTURES 04012011 189Shirley guide service began as past-time fisherman, Josh Shirley, turned his passion into full time employment. As Josh's love for the outdoors grew he realized that he wanted to share his excitement for fishing and hunting with others.

      Many that know me know how passionate I am about fishing I truly love taking others and teaching them the same way that I was taught. My passion began when I went on a trip with Larry James on the Arkansas River and with in minutes of my first cast catching a 6lb striper. I immediately began my search for a boat because I knew this was going to be a lifelong adventure. With the experience I learned a lot from Larry James which I am very thankful for not only teaching me and helping me but also becoming a great friend! I have bass fished from Canada down to Mexico learning every technique possible. The reason I began guiding was to teach and help others learn  the way I have.